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Prepare and run remote workshops like a pro

viki provides the methods and step-by-step guidance for your remote working sessions or helps you create it for your team - whether it’s a design thinking workshop, OKR session, retrospective, or anything else.

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Use predefined content and templates to get started immediately

No more headaches creating workshops from scratch. Select complete thought through workshops from our templates or build your own by building an agenda with session blocks.

  • Choose from workshop templates
  • Edit and individualize workshops
  • Create custom workshops

Create your own workshops as easy as drag & drop

Learn more about a selected workshop or share individual instructions with your team - by text, picture or video. Add or rearrange sessions, invite participants and keep track of the progress.

  • Invite participants to your workshop
  • Adjust workshops to your needs
  • Keep track of the progress

Coming soon

viki prepares your favorite whiteboard with one click

Automatically set up your Miro whiteboard and let viki guide your team through the methods while you can use all your favorite Miro functions you are already used to.

  • Prepared whiteboards with a canvas
  • Use Miro as usual
  • Guided by your viki coach

Run effective workshops with the viki coach

The digital coach guides you through your workshop sessions with instructions and examples so that you can focus on creating great results.

  • Receive instructions and support
  • Keep track of and control progress
  • Use timer and voting functions

Document your workshop output

viki gives you a structured documentation of your results in real-time. View the clustered and sorted results table in-app, export it or continue working in google slides to present your work.

  • Real-time results documentation
  • Multiple export options
  • Present results in google slides

On request

GDPR-compliant and hosted in the EU

Technologies and processes at viki are "compliant by design". Our applications are run on servers within the EU. In addition, we are enterprise-ready and offer separate storage of data if required. So you have no problems with compliance or data protection.

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