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So that post-its become ideas and not paper waste


We believe that any problem can be solved with innovation. That is why we want to democratize innovation and make it accessible to everyone, to enable teams to solve the problems of this world together. So that everyone is able to understand and frame problems, generate ideas and develop products and services that people need and love.

Our team in numbers

Hours of workshop planning, preparation and facilitation
Clients that we worked with on innovation projects - from medium-sized to big corporations
Innovation projects that we supported to generate solutions based on problems

We are driven by solving problems and bringing ideas to life

When we are not developing products with our customers and partners, we work on our own ideas.

We are passionate about creating new products and services and bringing them to life. We build digital products ourselves, found companies, or support others in doing so. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. We proudly experience the market launch of a product or discard concepts that did not work after all.

And we are always united by our enthusiasm for the process and the creation of something new.

Manuel Kaiser


With a background in industrial engineering and management from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Stanford University, Manuel has 5+ years experience in digital innovation with projects in the Europe, India and the US. He worked in corporate venture building for several years in the role of a product manager and interims product lead with a focus on product discovery and delivery.

Tobias Oliver Khan


In his role as Product & Technology Manager, Oliver is responsible for the technical success of the product. It is his task to continuously evaluate new emerging technologies and to start a structured product development process. In terms of content, he is particularly concerned with topics related to logistics and mobility - most recently, for example, the electrification and digitalization of combustion vehicles with carion mobility. With viki he wants to make this structured approach from the start-up world accessible to a broad audience

Christian Hilden


With experience ranging from embedded software development to the conception and implementation of complex web applications with end-to-end encryption, Christian brings deep technical knowledge to make viki a reality. Christian also brings his previous experience as a co-founder in the logistics industry to the development of viki in order to support innovation teams in solving real problems.

Oliver Neu


After studying economics, Oliver moved to Yangon, Myanmar for 3 years, where he helped build up an NGO and a tech start-up. Back in Germany he supported innovation and product teams as a strategic designer in the development of digital products. During the last 5 years he supported the creation of 3 companies and 2 products that are on the market today. Additionally, he leads innovation workshops and design sprints and is passionate about innovation methods and processes, especially in the early phases of innovation projects.

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